Personal Empowerment Therapy

PET is a process

created for you, around you, with the specific aim of enabling and empowering you to overcome obstacles, both emotional and physiological, and to improve each and every area of your life.

What is Personal Empowerment Training?

PET is a customised approach to life coaching for people with Asperger personalities, and involves working closely with you and your family, in your own environment. The focus is on identifying your long and short-term goals and then breaking these down into achievable steps. A portfolio of your achievements provides the basis for your personal and professional development plan, so you work towards independence and a happy and fulfilled life.

What is Personal Empowerment Therapy?

PET is an eclectic approach to therapy and is derived from a blend of therapeutic approaches including Psychotherapy (Psychodynamic), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Clinical Hypnosis, EMDR, and Functional Analysis based on ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis).

How does PET work?

The development of PET is the culmination of years of research into the myriad of therapeutic approaches aimed at supporting people with Autism Spectrum Disorders, including Asperger Syndrome, or, as I prefer, Autism/Asperger personalities. PET is designed to resolve any difficulties that are not physiologically based, but it can help reduce symptoms and improve daily functioning in other cases too, such as Stroke recovery, high/low blood pressure, histamine production, and a range of circulatory and neurological conditions. PET works extremely well with families, with couples experiencing relationship problems, and with survivors.

Take Control of your Life

Improve your Life Build your self-esteem and enhance your performance! Learn how to manage pain successfully; to control obsessions; to banish phobias. Control Eating Disorders - Anorexia, Bulimia, or over-eating; Maintain exercise regimes - FOR LIFE!


Family Therapy / Victim Support / Couples Therapy / Personal Empowerment:

Most problems are resolved in a space of 3-6 sessions. Sessions last approximately 1 hour. Please allow an hour and a half for the first one as this includes taking a full history. NB EMDR and Past Life Regression Therapy can take a long time so please be prepared to book a double session for these treatments. Sessions cost £50.00 each. The number required will vary according to the issue to be resolved. This can take anything from one to six sessions, although if the case is particularly complex it may take more.

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